What would you say to your teenage self?

How many times over the years have we thought “I wish I could go back and slap some sense into my teenage self?”

Believe me, after one failed marriage and one wonderful marriage and now a great relationship with my boyfriend, I have thought many times about what I would say to my 15-16 year old self. The list in my case is pretty simple.

  1. FINISH SCHOOL DUMBASS– yeah, sure, I went back as an adult and got my diploma and a degree, but………………..when I was 16 I was told at the job fair that once I got my diploma, I could join the Air Force. After service, I would have had all the money I needed for college and experience to find a job in a good field.
  2. Wait for the right man to get married!!!!– I was way too eager to be out on my own, settle down and play Henrietta Housekeeper. At 17, after a very acrimonious fight with my parents, I left home and went to live with my boyfriend (eventually first husband), you know, the one my parents hated and didn’t want me to be with. (I found out why…….)
  3. Wait until you can afford to have babies.– I wouldn’t wish my sons away, I love them dearly, but we really couldn’t afford kids, and the struggle that came with having to support them and trying to give them what they needed was hard on all of us.
  4. Respect others!!!!!– I wasn’t always the nicest person as a teen, and a good bitchslap may have helped…………
  5. Don’t be shy.– It’s hard to put yourself out there as a teen, but it would have paid off bigtime in actually making friends and having the social life that I saw others having.
  6. Confidence is a must.– I still have trouble with having the confidence to put myself out there, but it is needed if one is to have the job/spouse/social life that one wants.

I still consider myself lucky………I had a wonderful 21 year marriage to a man that raised my kids like they were his own, and he loved and cherished me till the day he died. I wouldn’t have changed that for the world. And I now have a man that treats me like a queen, and we are best friends.  I love my boys and my grandchildren to death, and am so happy that we are close in area so that I can see them often.

But, when I think back, I know I could be in a different place in life, but my biggest question would be…………..

Was it worth it?

So, let me hear from you, I would like to know, what would you say to yourself as a teen? What do you think you should have done and how do you think it would have affected your life as it is now?


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